8 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Vacation!

8 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Vacation!

We know the year 2020 was really difficult, but hey, let’s be optimistic! Here are some recommendations that will make a big difference planning your future trips around the world. Find flights and hotels at a better price! 

If you are planning a trip soon, you will surely be looking for cheap hotel and flight vacation packages? There are some great “all inclusive” vacation packages out there! Some destinations require a different approach keeping your trip budget low, the first 5 tips will tell you how to save at your destination and the following how to save on your flights.

  1. Take into account lesser-known destinations.    
  2.  List the travel seasons.    
  3. Earn money or save while traveling.  
  4. Find free activities at your destination.    
  5. Find cheap or free restaurants!      
  6. Clear your history and cookies to get tickets at better prices.   
  7. Get a vpn and find cheaper flights!    
  8. Be flexible on your travel dates.    

1) Consider lesser-known destinations.     

If you are a nomad who loves to travel, surely you know there are dozens of little-known cities and countries that have really low costs. Here you can find cheap travel packages and have extraordinary experiences at extraordinary prices.

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Do you want to find cheap national and international destinations?

Here are some things you can do to find the best cheap destinations for your vacation:

Check blogs from travelers around the world.

  • Do you like ancient history? Countries in Eastern Europe like Serbia, Croatia, Lebanon, Turkey or Romania could be your ideal destinations.
  • Do you like to enter cultures completely different from yours? A walk-through Peru, Brazil or Asian countries such as Thailand, India or the Philippines are highly recommended places.
  • Or maybe you prefer weekend plans near you? For this you can search for discount on train tickets within your own country, and look for the fairs that arrive in cities or towns near you!

2) List the travel seasons.     

To find cheap flights throughout the year to different destinations around the world, you just have to do a little research on the web. So if, for example, you want to go or Disneyland or Walt Disney World and avoid the tide of people and very long lines, it’s slow season is in February. If you want to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris without so many people covering the Mona Lisa, months before summer or after summer are the best. Maybe you would like to enjoy the ancient ruins of Machu Pichu almost just for yourself between March and April! 

You will find better rates on tours and entrance tickets to iconic places using these strategies!            

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3) Earn money (or save) while you travel.     

Another way to travel cheap is to earn money while traveling. There are several strategies, but keep in mind that you will have to budget your expenses and plan accordingly.

Some ideas to reduce your vacation budget are:

  •  Volunteering

Volunteering to a country in a project that you are passionate about is another way to travel.

You can help and you will receive accommodation and food in return.

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If you do it right, then you can spend some extra time traveling around the area where you were volunteering. Look for your return flight a few days or weeks after the last day of volunteering.

Volunteering is a way to have a different experience.

  • Workaway                

The Workaway page promotes an exchange between travelers and companies.  

For example, you will find jobs such as teaching languages, being an interpreter, a tour guide …

In order to view the offers, you will have to pay a fee to access many of the offers that companies publish on the site.

See: www.workaway.com

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  • Worldpackers                

This page also promotes the exchange between backpackers and companies.

If you don’t mind staying at a hostel, check it out.

Like Workaway , there’s a fee to access their offers.

More info at: www.worldpackers.com

  •  WWOOF

The WwooF website basically focuses on experiences on farms around the world. For example:  

  • Harvesting kiwis in New Zealand,
  • Harvesting grapes in France
  • Herding cows in Ireland.

If farming is something you’ve always wanted to try, give it a shot!

Web: www.wwoof.net 

These are just some of the options and pages that I am aware of, but there are many more.

Keep in mind that in some cases you will have to pay a premium to access these experiences.

4) Find free activities at your destination.     

If you are really a low-cost traveler, it is most likely that you have consulted how to travel cheap as a student on Google.

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I can assure you that wherever you go there will be very interesting activities that are offered for free at a specific time or day of the month, you can always ask these questions before traveling to your dream destination, with a simple search you will find museums, tours, monuments, landscapes venues, dining experiences and more!

But there is more! You can even sleep for free depending on where you go.  How to travel for free?

4 Options to Consider:

  • Warm Showers

The Warm Showers page came about as an initiative to give cyclists hot showers.

They are looking for collaborators who provide accommodation (or at least a shower) to cyclists and cycling enthusiasts who are looking for local accommodation and share their adventures in some way.

Learn more: https://www.warmshowers.org/

  • Park4night 

With Park4night you can find places to sleep for free if you travel by van, camper, or motorhome.

Forget about paying for a campsite!

See: https://www.park4night.com/

  • Couchsurfing

In the Couchsurfers community, it is not just about sleeping in a free place, people on this platform want to meet other members of the community and share moments, hobbies.

Those who use this platform usually seek to contact locals and learn about the culture.

You must create your profile, put your hobbies, interests.

Check this: https://www.couchsurfing.com/

  • Globalfreeloaders

In this social network, the exchange of accommodation is promoted.

Unlike the previous one, here you have to assume the commitment to receive as many travelers as you visit.

More in: https://globalfreeloaders.com/

5) Find cheap or free restaurants!     

Another unavoidable expense for many on travel are meals.

Although there are gastronomic trips, where this is the main reason for the trip, sometimes the gastronomy of the place is not the most important thing.

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Anyway, if you want to not stop enjoying the gastronomy of the place you visit, I recommend the following to reduce your food costs:

  • Eat like the locals                

Go to a place where the locals always eat.

Do the locals eat at street stalls? Then you do too. Look for local restaurants or small markets!

Example: Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore.

How to eat for free on vacation?

If you get room accommodations and transportation without spending money, the only thing in theory we would need to travel without money, would be to eat for free.

Well, believe it or not, it is also possible in some areas.

Although I have not used them, I heard about these two websites:

  • Foodsharing

Website created with the idea of ​​sharing food for free and preventing it from ending up in the trash (because it is going to expire or simply because it is not going to be consumed).

This platform only works in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  •  Colunching

A French website that is gaining more and more users.

Their motto is not only to eat Free at other people’s houses but to “Eat Together”

  • Free Tastings

Look for free tastings or samples in supermarkets, markets…

This works especially on the weekends.

If you want to skip a meal but eat something small, stop by the supermarkets or markets in the area, and try the products available.

Let’s talk about flights! There are many ways of finding the lowest price for roundtrip airfare!

How to find cheap last minute vacations deals? how to find the cheapest days of the week to fly? Here are some tips:

6) Clear your history and cookies to get tickets at better prices.     

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Did you know that every time you accept cookies, websites save your data? In some cases this is used to increase the price of the products of your interest, this is the case for many tourist agencies, so I recommend deleting the cookies from your browser’s history!

7) Get a VPN and find cheaper flights!     

A tip that is often rumored that the time and day of purchase of your tickets may vary, this is true, for example, Tuesdays are the day you will find more expensive prices, we recommend you do your search on a Thursday or Friday in the morning, but what many people may not know is the location where you look for your tickets can make your costs really high as well.

There is a way around this!

Get a VPN, some have 30-day free trials and some have really low prices, but what is a VPN? A VPN will change the geolocation of your device without you having to move from home and so you can make purchases as if you were in another country, you can search from several countries of origin to save even hundreds of dollars in plane tickets.

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8) Be flexible on your travel dates.     

Yes, believe it or not, not having a specific travel date can mean that you find excellent rates on plane tickets to the destination of your dreams. At Traveldaworld we have a tool that will help you find those jewels with low prices on flights much easier. So, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect trip and book with us!     

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